5 Tips For Giving Good Head

Fellatio is a fabulous way to spice up your current sex life! This is what I've gleaned from my experience and what I’ve gotten compliments on. Fellatio (as is cunnilingus) is thought of as an act of foreplay prior to intercourse, which it can be, but tonight; make it your event!

Foreplay as the main event! Build up the anticipation to further excite your partner. This act is all about him, so rock his world! Kiss down his body, avoiding the penis and scrotum and focusing on his thighs for a few minutes, kissing them all over and running your fingers or tongue lightly over the skin. If your man likes it rougher, then add pressure. Build the excitement to up before you even touch his package.

Don't ignore the balls or the perineum (the skin between the scrotum and the anus); these sensitive areas are all too often forgotten about when just inches away from your face. Fondle the balls as you suck and lick the penis. Gently pull them down and away from the body, this also helps to delay orgasm for bit. Use your fingers to massage the perineum to stimulate the prostate from the outside. This will increase his pleasure and make his orgasm intense for him.

Where and When? To be discussed prior to you going down on your guy- where is he going to ejaculate? Are you going to swallow it? Would you prefer that he came on your body or in your mouth? What does he prefer? Or do you enjoy the element of surprise? Sometimes it's easier to talk about this from the get go. Some men like to push it as far as they can. If you have a gag reflex you can either practice, use things to relax you and change the taste, or have a clear boundary in line heat of the moment so you don't have an unhappy surprise.

Have variety! Lick him up and down the shaft and the head of his penis. Lube it up with your spit! He’ll love the sensation of your wet lips and tongue all over his package. Use your hands too: put your hand at the base of his penis and move it in either circular motions by rotating your hand his penis as you lick and suck the head, or moving your hand up and down the shaft in tandem with your mouth. The dual and competing sensations will drive him wild! Just don't use your teeth unless you know he’s into it. Teeth are sharp and his penis is sensitive, this will kill the mood with him sitting up and screaming “Ouch” at the of his lungs.

Get excited about it! He’ll enjoy receiving if he knows you enjoy performing!

Happy Endings!


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