Anal And Prostate Massage Lesson For Mature Couple | Session Preparation And Review

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Here is the conversation we had to prepare for the session:


Anal massage lesson notes

Preparation Notes:

Put all tools in arms reach so you can get in position and stay in position

Make sure your gloves fit well

Get into a comfortable positions for both the giver and receiver so you can stay in the same position for at least 30 minutes.


Communication Notes:

Practice safe porting from the beginning (giver telling the receiver what they are going to do before they do it).

Practice asking yes or no questions.

Giver – make offers as yes or no questions.  Offer one change at a time.

Receiver – make requests asking for one change at a time.  If there is pain or multiple things need to be changed, ask the giver to stop completely so you can discuss what is going on.

As the giver – follow sensation.  Repeat the stroke or move as long as it is sensational.  When it becomes less sensational, then change what you are doing.

As the receiver – you can ask for a change whenever you want but again, follow sensation.  Stay with the same type of stimulation until you peak – when the next repetition will be less sensational than the last

Giver – you can make offers or ask yes or no questions if you feel unsure about whether or not to make a change


Technique and step by step instruction:

Work from the outside in.

Go super slow to really feel into the sensation.

If you need to apply more pressure, try using your knuckle(s).

About changing strokes - You will likely find you don’t have to change as often as you think, as the sensation changes as the body relaxes and arousal levels change.

  1. Start with light touch, stimulating the skin
  2. Massage all the butt muscles from the outside first to create relaxation.
    • Practice feeling for the resilient edge of resistance – this is when you press firm enough that you feel equal and opposite pressure against the pad of your fingertip.  Find this by slowly increasing pressure, sinking into the muscles and finding them.  Practice the mindset of “looking for” the muscles and the resilient edge of resistance using the pads of your fingertips.
  3. Find the sit bones.  Massage all along the bone to release attachments.  Explore the bones and follow along the edges, creating space where the muscle meets the bone
  4. Find the tail bone.  Explore the entire tail bone and coccyx area, massaging the bones and the muscle attachments.  Feel for the ridges as well.
  5. Pull the cock back, so you have access to stimulate it.
  6. Apply lube to hands first then to their body.  Do slow, hand over hand strokes along the length of their buttcrack to spread the lube.  Go a little deeper with each stroke, so the entire area where the butt cheeks meet is lubricated and warmed up, meaning you’ve increased circulation to the area.
  7. Thumb twiddling – thumb under thumb, from where the butt cheeks meet out, pressing away from the center of the body.  Start at the tailbone on the inside of the left butt cheek.  With each stroke move lower toward their perineum.  When you reach that repeat on the same side doing the same thing but moving up toward the tail bone.  Repeat on the right side, so each side gets two passes.
    • If your thumbs are not flexible enough, try using your index and middle finger.
  8. Identify the sphincters.  Use the pad of your index finger.  Put it on the anus.  The receiver can squeeze to help you identify the outer sphincter.  He can give you a push to identify the inner sphincter
  9. Identify the dip in between the two muscles all the way around the anus.
  10. Stretch with the breath.  Apply pressure to the dip in between the two sphincters during the receiver exhales.  Then hold the pressure for a few normal breathes.  Do this at noon, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock spot.
    • For 6 o’clock – you can stretch further at this point because there is no bone in the way.
  11. Add lube as you penetrate deeper.  The more you open up the anus, the more surface area you’ll have available to lubricate.
  12. Repeat stretching in all four directions with your finger penetrating up to the first knuckle.
  13. Make sure to withdraw your finger between positions – don’t twist your finger while it’s still inside the anus.
  14. Switch from thumb to index finger as needed so you can push in the different directions without twisting your wrist.
  15. Repeat the stretch in all four directions with your finer penetrated in to the second knuckle.
  16. Before going to the prostate make sure there is arousal – take time to massage his cock if you need to
  17. Find the prostate – insert your whole finger.  Press against the front wall of his rectum.  Stroke using the pad of your finger – avoid using your fingertip as it can be pokey.

Prostate massage moves - How much pressure to use on the prostate?  Always look for the resilient edge of resistance.  You can use more pressure as you get close to climax.

  1.  Stroke in the “come hither” motion, from deep to shallow
  2. Stroke along first one side and then the other
  3. Make a windshield wiper motion with your finger, stroking from left to right then back again maintaining contact with as much surface area as possible for the entire stroke in both directions
  4. Circles – experiment with both directions

You can continue on to massage the entire pelvic floor by

  1. Keep your finger inserted completely and move to the next spot on the clock (if you are using your right hand, this is 7.  If you are using your left hand, this is 5)
  2. Massage at each spot on the clock from the inside out.  (When you are done with one side switch hands to avoid twisting your wrist uncomfortably)
  3. For each spot, ask for feedback from the receiver – what are they feeling?  Is it good, bad, or neutral?

Free Play notes

When applying more lube – put it at the tail bone and then spread it with your fingers.

Opening up to 2 fingers- this should only be done when one finger can be taken comfortably

  1. Press 2 fingers in until you feel resistance
  2. Pull both fingers out
  3. Switch back to 1 finger and slide it all the way in and all the way out
  4. Switch to 2 fingers.  Penetrate, but only to the point you feel resistance
  5. Pull out completely
  6. Repeat going a little deeper each time when you have two fingers until you have two fingers penetrating completely.
  7. Try all the prostate massage moves using two fingers

Right before ejaculation, the prostate will get engorged.  At this point, you can increase pressure and speed to push him over the edge, or you can back off stimulation to keep him on the edge longer.

If he has not had a climax by the end of the session, apply firm grounding pressure to both the anal area and his cock.

Session Review




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