August 2012 Vids

Picking Ingrown Pubic Hair

Watch this informative video where I voice over a friendly grooming session with my girlfriend:)

Members - click here to watch the video

Non-Members - click here to read the article on




How To Squirt | Masturbation For Female Ejaculation

After masturbating almost to the point of orgasm I decided to catch the finale on video.  Watch as I bring myself to a squirting orgasm and explain exactly how I do it.

Members - Click here to watch the video and read my notes.

Non-Members - Click here to read my notes and listen to an audio preview of the video.



Urethral Sounds - Intro And Demo

Considered edge play by many, this is an unique way to internally stimulate the urethra.
To see the 4 part series explaining and demonstrating urethral sounding:

Members - Click Here to watch the 4 part series.

Non-members - Click Here to read my note and watch a very short piece of the the first video in the series.


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