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Manual Deep Penetration To Squirting | Female Ejaculation With T

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Licking Pussy For A Squirting Orgasm

Members – click here to see the full video. Non-Members – View the full 15:51 video for only $15! [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”2733″ exp=”8760″ desc=”Licking Pussy For A Squirting Orgasm $15″ cc=”USD” custom=”” ra=”15.00″ image=”” output=”button” /] Below is the rough draft of the transcript from the full length video: Approach her vulva gently  and smoothly […]

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Squirting Orgasm | Female Ejaculation | Nikki Masturbating With Vibrating Wand

Squirting Orgasm Notes Every woman is unique.  This is also know as female ejaculation.  These are some of my tips/ticks and notes from my personal experience.  I’m sure they will help you along your journey to squirting orgams:) I make sure to be very aroused – signs I look for are swelling/engorgement of my pussy, […]

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Squirting Orgasm Video | Squirting At The Bellagio

  This 10 minute video is representative of 20 minutes of stimulation and climax. Intense arousal achieved by performing oral sex and masturbation. When approaching climax, I push and “bear down” from the inside out of the pussy and try to keep doing that as the orgasm washes over me. Used a variety of stimulation […]

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Nikki Masturbating And Squirting

In this video I have a lot of conversation with my camera operator about sex as I masturbate and build up arousal.  While the actual squirting is in part 3, I invite you to view all 3 parts to learn more and probably have a few good laughs (I can be kinda goofy). Enjoy:) Part […]

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