February 2012 Vids

Nikki Gets Spanked

I’m not a huge masochist (enjoyer of pain) but sometimes it is fun to mix things up a bit and be on the receiving end!  During this spanking session I also tell Mr. Dark a very kinky story about spanking:)



Fun With Pussy Torture And Spanking

Prolonged spanking and torture combined with predicament bondage and some fun really push the boundaries of this suby girl.



Pussy Play/Torture Leads To Spanking

This is a girlfriend of mine.  She is submissive and masochistic - which means she enjoys being forced to do things, made to do things and receiving pain.  She enjoys it so much she finds it arousing!  On this day a dominant friend of ours came over and we double team tortured her.

To learn more about this and see the preview click here.

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