Fellatio Video Package

Get access to all my blow job videos for a whole year!

You will be able to see all the ones I have done (including the class I taught) plus all the ones I will add for the entire next year.  Right now I have 10 more videos in production.

You will also have access to 11 separate lessons that detail step by step how to blow his mind when you give him head.

All this for a one time payment of $97

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Individual Lessons:
Ingredients For A Great Blow Job
Massage For Jaw Pain
Mouth And Tongue Techniques
Male External Anatomy Details
Incorporating Manual Stimulation
Testicle Anatomy Details
Incorporating Testicle Stimulation
Deep Throating
Internal Anatomy Details
Anal And Prostate Stimulation

Videos ready to watch now (newer videos are at the bottom of the list):

Thank You Blowjob For Mr. B $14.95

Playful Teasing Fellatio $15.95

Blow Job For Un-Cut Cock $5.99

Deep Throat Lesson $8.99

Long Slow Blowjob On A Hairy Cock $15.97

Blow Job For Arousal And Climax $13.99

Fellatio February Class 15.95

Cumming soon!

  • Tease manually and orally

Added 5/23/19

Building Anticipation And BJ Techniques $14.95

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