How To Massage The Female Torso

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Three Steps to Heaven: Sensual Massage of the Female Torso

When you think of a massage what is the first thing that pops into your mind? If you’re like most people it will be something similar to relaxation or calmness. Today I’m going to give you three steps to providing your female partner with a relaxing, sensual massage of the front of her torso.

  1. Talk to your girl: Does she enjoy a softer or a harder touch? Give her examples of what soft, medium and hard is; and let her tell you what she likes and can tolerate. Your soft should be equivalent to the pressure created when you pull a blanket off of a bed. Women are generally more sensitive than men, so take that into account. Keep talking to her throughout the session because this may change as she relaxes.
  2. Once you know what kind of touch she likes, focus on the meat. Go where you can feel muscle, especially above, under and near the breast tissue. While her breasts are comprised mostly of fat, there is muscle under them just as there would be on a man. You can gently press the breasts down (towards her belly button) to massage the muscles above them and lift them up to massage under them.
  3. The sides of her neck and along the side of her rib cage also contain muscles that easily tense especially if she is constantly working on a computer or in a similar position. Don’t ignore these areas. To massage the sides of her neck gently pull the muscle forward. There is muscle between each rib as well, and these connect to the shoulders. Massaging them will help relax her shoulders and correct any minor slumping she might have from all that typing.


Happy Endings!

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