January 2012 Vids

Anal Pleasure Lesson

First an explanation.  Next, the demonstration.





Deep Throat Lesson

Although deep throating doesn't always feel better it can be hotter.  Sometimes it's the hot factor that can make an experience so amazing.

Here I work with a couple to help her to deep throat him without gagging.

You can see the preview in this post.


Un-Cut Cock Blow Job

Mrs. Smith was nice enough to demonstrate her tricks off for blowing her husband's uncircumcised penis:)

You can see the preview in this post.



Porn with Nikki and D

OK super sexy members!  Here is 30 minutes of just fun and sexy time.  Blowjob, fucking, squirting and shooting a load:)

Please let me know your impressions or if you’d like me to narrate any part of this to let you know or to explain what techniques I’m using.

You can see the preview in this post.


Broken Ankle Fetish Video

I made this video for a subscriber at their special request.  I personally am so excited about it because I added music to a video for the first time!  I totally love the sound track 🙂

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