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Sensual Massage Tips Set 5

Helping partner to stretch for relaxation.  Never push your partners stretch to a pain level, want to keep this relaxing.  Tips for massaging the chest so it won’t hurt.  Edible oil works great for this area.  For women, this is not considered sexual touch, yet can be sensual and caring.  The bones are close to the surface, you’re basically rubbing the skin.  Rubbing the pecs gently can help relieve stress in this area.  Don’t put a strangle hold on the breast, unless she likes it.



Sensual Massage Tips Set 4

The position most of you will be in at home, from a more intimate angle.  Using for-arms as well as chest to spread oil and warm up muscles can be pleasant.  If you’re going for a relaxing massage, be careful not to use too much pressure.  Can use thumbs, palm, knuckles and for-arms from this position.




Sensual Massage Tips Set 3

For the neck, check to make sure pressure is good.  Make sure it’s ok to get a little oil in hair.  Can use knuckles on the base of the skull for extra pressure release. With practice, you can use the elbow for deeper pressure.  Be careful because the elbow is the hardest bone in your body.  If you don’t have a massage table, you can make her comfortable by letting her support her head on her hands and possibly have her lie with a pillow under her upper chest just above her breasts.



Sensual Massage Tips Set 2

Expect some soreness from any type of repetitive motion.For extra pressure, place one hand on top of the other.  To increase the pressure, decrease the point.  For example, a flat hand is softer than fingertips when the same amount of pressure is applied.Keep the fingers from getting tired by doubling up.When rubbing shoulder tops, to avoid your thumbs from getting tired, change your position so you are pulling down using your fingertips.If your hands start to catch on the skin, get more oil.



Sensual Massage Tips Set 1

Massage can be considered foreplay for women since there’s  a lot of touching  Gently feel all over to  check for sensitive or painful areas.For a relaxing touch, warm the oil in your hands before applying it her body.  For shock value, drip oil from a foot or two above her.Demonstrate to her what your soft, medium and hard pressure is.  Ask her what level of pressure she likes. Main thing to remember, massage the meat  of the body, avoid the bones of the spine and shoulder blades.For a sensual touch, massage the sacrum for the release of sexual energy.



Shoulders, Neck and Upper Back

  • Avoid bone – the spine and the ridge of the shoulder blade.
  • If you don’t have a table, have the person lay across the bed with their head toward the edge.
  • Use circular motions,
    • For lighter pressure use your finger tips.
    • Direct the majority of the pressure straight down.



Head, Neck and Shoulders

  • Make sure to use enough lube so you are not pulling on the skin
  • The direction of the pressure should be toward their pelvis
  • Grabbing and massaging with a kneading or pinching motion is good but can wear on your hands.  As an alternative, make a fist and rub with the flat part between the first and second sets of nuckles
  • Strokes going from the center out will find knots in the muscles.  Thumbs are easiest to use but you can also use the knuckle of your fore finger or your elbow.  Just remember that there is a lot more power in your elbow than you fingers so go easy.
  • For the neck make sure to keep your hands in contact so you are both pushing and pulling.
  • Ear massage feels good too.



Ear Massage

Gently massage the ear lobe.  This will massage the ear canal and can feel really good.

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