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Slow Pussy Licking

Members – to see the video click here. Non-Members – click the check out button to get instant access to the full 10:30 video for only $11 [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”2965″ exp=”8760″ desc=”Slow Pussy Licking $11″ cc=”USD” custom=”www.nikkislessons.com” ra=”11.00″ image=”https://www.nikkislessons.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/white-check-out-button.jpg” output=”https://www.nikkislessons.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/white-check-out-button.jpg” /]   For this type of session make sure to always go slow enough that […]

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Licking Pussy For A Squirting Orgasm

Members – click here to see the full video. Non-Members – View the full 15:51 video for only $15! [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”2733″ exp=”8760″ desc=”Licking Pussy For A Squirting Orgasm $15″ cc=”USD” custom=”www.nikkislessons.com” ra=”15.00″ image=”https://www.nikkislessons.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/white-check-out-button.jpg” output=”button” /] Below is the rough draft of the transcript from the full length video: Approach her vulva gently  and smoothly […]

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Live Self Pleasure Class Discussion

Every May I celebrate Masturbation Awareness Month.  In May 2013 I had an event with a lecture and a live demonstration.  This is the lecture part of the Live Self Pleasure Event. Part 1   Members click here. Non Members can purchase this video for $10. [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”2673″ exp=”8760″ desc=”Live Self Pleasure Class Discussion […]

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