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How To Give Yourself A High Enema ~

Following the video are links to the full video and the transcript of this one.   Members click here to see the other video. Have you ever wondered how to get yourself clean and prepared for prolonged anal sex? In this video I describe how to do an enema that cleanse up into your colon […]

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Long Slow Blowjob On A Hairy Cock

The first version I narrated what I was doing.  Scroll down for the version with no voice over.  Below that I have some notes about the video. The main thing I show in this video on how to suck cock is going slow.  I don’t think every blowjob needs to be slow and deliberate like this but […]

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How To Use A Strap-On Dildo

You can see a video where I demonstrate all the following tips. Members Click Here Non-Members: Access the 10+ minute video for $9.97 [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”3300″ exp=”438291″ desc=”Butt Fucking Bob With A Strap-On $9.97″ cc=”USD” custom=”www.nikkislessons.com” ra=”9.97″ image=”default” output=”button” /] In this writing by “Top” I mean the person who is wearing the strap-on and […]

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Anal And Prostate Stimulation

Anal and prostate massage can be very pleasurable to add to your fellatio practice.  For an in depth guide about the art of anal pleasure sign up at https://www.nikkislessons.com/august-is-anal-sex-month/ Basics Go slow at first until you are familiar with the anatomy. Use gloves if you’re nervous about nails or bacteria. Experiment with toys.  Use condoms on […]

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Internal Anatomy Details

Givers: It’s important to know what is happening on the inside – stimulating him with the intention of sinking in deeper with your touch will allow him to feel the sensations more deeply. Feel with your tongue and your fingertips to see if you can distinquish these different parts of his cock.  Go slow and […]

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Deep Throating

Deep throating can be very intense – I believe it is more intense for the giver than the receiver as far as body sensation goes.  This is one that the giver really needs to do for their own pleasure for the best results. Oral Anatomy http://www.replicatedtypo.com/phonology-and-phonetics-101/2583.html Sink your head onto him slowly allowing your throat […]

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Incorporating Testicle Stimulation

The skin on the scrotum is similar to the skin on the labia. It can (usually)be handled for added sensation.  Different people have different levels of sensitivity though so make sure to have lots of communication at first. Receivers: Ask for what you want. Make one request or give one adjustment at a time. Every […]

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