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The Art Of Cunnilingus Online Course

If you love performing/receiving cunnilingus (or just wish you did) and want to learn more then this course is for you! As a giver do you wish you could read your partner better? As a receiver do you struggle to explain what you want? Would you like to experience deeper and more intimate connection? Sex Coach Nikki will […]

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Masturbation Coaching For M Session #2 – Homework review, belly breathing & slow self touch

For the full length videos members click here. Non-members – get access for $9.97 [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”3833″ exp=”8760″ desc=”Masturbation Coaching For M Session #2 9.97″ cc=”USD” custom=”www.nikkislessons.com” ra=”9.97″ image=”default” output=”button” /] To see the preview and notes from session #1 go to https://www.nikkislessons.com/masturbation-coaching-for-m-session-1-focus-on-sensation-and-pacing/ Session Notes As the week went on he did have progress – feeling […]

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Building Anticipation And BJ Techniques – Preview & Post BJ Interview

Scroll down for the video preview and post BJ interview. Members:  Click here to access this video now. Non-Members:  Use this button to access the 14:39 video for $14.95 [s2Member-Pro-ccBill-Button sp=”1″ ids=”3812″ exp=”8760″ desc=”Building Anticipation And BJ Techniques $14.95″ cc=”USD” custom=”www.nikkislessons.com” ra=”14.95″ image=”default” output=”button” /] Want access to all blow job videos for the next […]

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Fellatio February Class

Here is the link to the PDF https://s3.amazonaws.com/sexcoach/Art+Of+Fellatio.pdf

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Small Business Saturday

Following is the outline of a program I am developing over the next 2 months all about how to physically please a woman.  Ultimately I plan on offering the course for around $300.  As I develop it I’ll be offering it for people to beta test for $97. If you read through this page and […]

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How To Give Yourself A High Enema ~

Following the video are links to the full video and the transcript of this one.   Members click here to see the other video. Have you ever wondered how to get yourself clean and prepared for prolonged anal sex? In this video I describe how to do an enema that cleanse up into your colon […]

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Long Slow Blowjob On A Hairy Cock $15.97

The first version I narrated what I was doing. Scroll down for the version with no voice over. Below that, I have some notes about the video.   Here is the same video without my voice over talking about what I’m doing as I do it. The main thing I show in this video on […]

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Long Slow Blowjob On A Hairy Cock

The first version I narrated what I was doing.  Scroll down for the version with no voice over.  Below that I have some notes about the video. The main thing I show in this video on how to suck cock is going slow.  I don’t think every blowjob needs to be slow and deliberate like this but […]

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